Product Information

Bordeaux Range

The timber used in the Bordeaux range is reclaimed elm. This timber was grown at North of China. All the timber used is aged over 100 years.

When the timber is reclaimed it is then bleached, repaired, polished and waxed to give the finish that you see. The timber used will have faults, cracks and splits. Timber will then be used to fill these imperfections. This is a natural occurrence of this kind of product. It is by no way a fault and is sourced with this appearance in mind.

Notting Hill, Amalfi & Benson Ranges

The Notting Hill, Amalfi and Benson ranges are made from reclaimed timber, much of this timber comes from recycled pine shipping pallets, sourced from all over the world. This gives the furniture a genuine ‘old world’ feel and a tick for being environmentally sound. Because each product is hand-crafted, no two pieces are exactly the same and therefore sizes may slightly vary. 

The recycled furniture is made using the tongue and groove process with free-floating panels and dove-tail joints. The free-floating panel design allows for the natural expansion and contraction which occurs in recycled timber products. As the timber expands and contracts the gaps between the panels will open and close. Our stores can provide special waxes which can be used to fill the gaps and to nourish and enhance your reclaimed timber furniture

Each piece of reclaimed furniture has its own characteristics and will behave differently. Nail holes, timber knots, colour variations and timber block patches are common features of recycled products. The raw and rustic features should be appreciated as part of the look and are not considered as defects or faults.

Chinese Antiques Range

The range of Chinese antiques comes from factories in northern China. The main type of timber used in these antiques is a coniferous pine. The timber used is deliberately not finished in an exacting manner. This provides an aged appearance once the stain on gloss finish is applied. The finish will also be sanded through in parts that allows the black edging to come through. There will be a degree of colour variation in all of the antiques. Some small size variation may also occur from time to time.

Indian Handcrafted Furniture

The artisan products made in India are all handcrafted using a mix recycled, reclaimed and new timber depending on availability and quality. Timbers are generally sheesham, acacia and mango wood. The hand made products will all be unique. Each piece will have subtle variations and no 2 pieces will be identical. The recycled and reclaimed timber will have various faults including splits, cracks, indentations, grain variability and weight variance.

The hand finish will also be imprecise, much of the goods are hand wiped and hand finished as opposed to sprayed. This will showcase a unique but variant look. We buy these knowing this beforehand. 

Cane and Rattan Furniture

Cane and rattan furniture is principally out of Indonesia. This is a naturally grown and harvested product done under licence. Cane and or rattan will defiantly have imperfections in its appearance. It will have hairline splits and fractures across the face of the rattan. The way the product is grown and harvested often by hand creates these imperfections. This is particularly noticeable after finishing the product with a gloss stain or paint. This is part of the natural variation from piece to piece and is not a fault in the product.